B7A Series OLED TV – Overlook

It can come quite difficult to choose the right TV and to decide whether you should look for the cheapest TVs with good hardware or ignore the price and go for the biggest numbers.

Some of you while browsing internet shops for some TVs or any kind of hardware, might even look at the specifications and compare it to other ones and try to find the highest numbers with the lowest price.

But that can get very tedious and time-consuming, it would be best to have some kind of an actual review or explanation per feature of the device.

First Things First

OLED TV, that is arguably the most important part of this TV, if you look for an OLED TV you can be rest assured that you will get a 4K resolution, though it wouldn’t be a 100% certainty that it would be.

But instead it would be like 99% that it will also have a 4K display, since having anything lower than that is extremely rare and it has been becoming less efficient to make anything other than 4K.

But of course OLED TV is a bit different, since it counts as premium TV, with the infinite contrast and perfect black, you can rest assured that your experience while watching this TV, will be very enjoyable .

OLED TVs has a feature called that implies that they have perfect blacks, meaning that anything that looks black on the screen is actually black and not just dark light.

This is possible of the technology OLED(Organic light-emitting diode), any OLED TVs are able to have perfect blacks and infinite contrast since every single pixel functions individually and can be completely turned off, achieving the perfect blacks.

There is quite a bit more to just OLED TVs and if you want to have know a bit more about them then you should read this article as well.


As OLED TVs already achieve infinite contrast by simply using the OLED technology, but what is really important beyond that is the colors you see.

This is technically still within the range of picture quality, but it is a bit different from for the screen resolution and the OLED technology.

HDR(High Dynamic Range) is more or less the other half of a perfect screen along with infinite contrast, if you are to aim for the most realistic look, you certainly need to ensure that both the contrast ratios and the color pallet are as lifelike as possible.

This TV has Dolby Vision as the technology for HDR and it has the best picture quality up to date so you know that what you see, will look as lifelike as possible.

The Side Of A Smart TV

As for the operating system, webOS is the one that’s running the whole TV, it has a slightly different look than the Netflix look that Smart TVs usually have.

While it still has quite the simplistic design regardless, you can expect that there will be a small learning curve and you will need to get a little adjusted to the overall look if you had owned some different Smart TVs.


The most use out of Smart TVs come from the big screen movie watching, but also it lets you to branch off into many different apps that have nothing to do with streaming movies and are useful or just generally fun to have.

So included into the package there some certain apps that you are able to use:Netflix Hulu Amazon Video

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Youtube
  • Amazon Video
  • LG Smart World, where you can get even more apps that you may want to use on your TV.

At first there might be only a few apps that you can access, but you are able install over 400 different applications for your Smart TV.

The Smart Remote

To not be confused with the one that comes with the TV, this one is being referred to the application that LG electronics have made and that you can use- LG TV Plus.

This app allows you to be closer to the TV and have a bit more freedom with how you approach the usage of other apps.

The basic thought here that you can download the app on your phone or tablet, it’s available in both Android(Google Play) and Apple(iTunes) stores.

But it should be noted that this app supports only LG webOS TVs made in 2014 and up, so if you have an older TV than that you can just ignore this.

But you do already have an LG TV with who you don’t want to say goodbye just yet, there is an app that also serves in a similar way for any other operating system- LG TV Remote.

The Features

As this is a premium OLED Smart TV you can expect there to be quite a bit of things that you’re able to do, you will also have a wide range of options to how to connect any of your devices and make actions.


So of course this TV has an Ethernet port, but it also has built in Wi-Fi, to lets say use it when there is no Ethernet cable available, there is no real reason to use Wi-Fi to Ethernet, since it is inferior.

And if you do for example connect a console or anything that would need for it to display on the screen, the TV has 4 HDMI HDCP 2.2 inputs.

High-bandwith Digital Content Protection 2.2 (HDCP 2.2) ensures that the data transferred is protected and can not be copied.

You will also have access to 3 USB ports for whatever you please, you can just put your mouse or keyboard in it if you don’t plan on using it any other way.

There is also Bluetooth that you can also use to connect a wireless mouse or a keyboard, or just connect your phone/tablet to it.

And if you would also like to watch some regular cable TV, you’ll have access to a RF antenna input.

Electro Efficiency

Money Electricity

What might concern you a bit is to how much electricity this TV needs and how much that could go into expenses.

A 55” TV would use up 174 kWh per year or 22 US dollars per year from simply using, of course these numbers can be different depending on how much you watch use it, or how much you need to for electricity.

But the truth is that this TV will cost you very little, even in the 65” TV there isn’t much of an increase in the numbers. It would be about 220kWh per year or 26 US dollars per year, so you can see that the bigger screen won’t drain your wallet that fast either.

It is to be noted that you will need 2 AA batteries for your remote, this will come very useful, unless you plan on using your phone as a remote or using a mouse and keyboard.

B7A Series OLED TV

You now know most of what the TV has to offer, there are still some small things that have been missed over, that maybe 65” has, but the 55” TV doesn’t.

If you don’t have more than 2 thousand available and you prefer to have big screen, but not too big one, then it’s best for you to buy the 55” TV.

But if you instead do prefer a much bigger TV for a great viewing pleasure, then it is best if you buy the 65” TV, but you need to always make sure you are able to fit in the place you would like it to be.

But something that will be useful for both TVs and anyone else who uses an LG TV, a guide to the usage of it, more precisely, a YouTube playlist with everything being being shown how it should be done and makes the understanding much easier.

In case if you are not sure, both 55” and 65” TVs of this model have been given a ranking of 4.8 out of 5 and it has been decided by the votes of hundreds of people.

But just to stay safe it is best that you make sure to have your warranty extended, it is still a fairly new technology and you might run across some problems.

This is considered a premium class television, so you can rest assured that you will receive quite a pleasurable experience, this TV will make your life a lot more colorful.

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  1. Thanks for all of the info. It might be time for me to buy a new TV…i bought mine when plasma was the newest cool thing. Bee a good TV but it getting old now.

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