Can A Smart TV Be Hacked, Do You Need Protection?

Everything can be hacked and there are no devices that haven’t been hacked by at least one person and Smart TVs are no exception, but the real question is not if a Smart TV can be hacked, but is it worth for hackers to hack it and if you need to worry about it.


Safety Is Important

Smart TVs are sometimes referred to as the combination of a TV and a computer and rightfully so. They are created in a way that they mirror computers, doing this many wonder if the viruses that are directed towards computers can affect devices such as Smart TVs.

Understanding The Functionality

Most of the viruses are directed to one specific operating systems, for anyone who doesn’t know, operating system is what, well “operates” your device, the devices have specific mechanical device that make them function in the way they do. You can compare a simple electronic refrigerator and a computer, everyone understands that they don’t work the same way because of the difference in the mechanical components.

Gears Rotating

But that’s not the whole reason why they are different while their mechanical design does differ, so does the operating system or the programs that make the device function the way it does.

So many know about Windows 10, which is assigned to a specific company and they designed their operating system for a specific reason or purpose, to make computers or smartphones function. With the different mechanical components each device needs a different operating system or at least optimized specifically for said device.

Since hackers want to be able to access your data in various ways they need to assign their viruses for specific programs. Some may be able to assign the virus to multiple operating systems, but that requires a lot of expertise so these kinds of viruses are quite rare.

Summarizing The Important

In short it is quite inefficient to create new type of viruses to break in to Smart TV since there rarely ever is any useful data in there than Smart TVcan be stolen, but that doesn’t mean that the viruses that are made for different operating systems won’t be able to do any type of damage or be able to steal any data from you, operating systems such as Tizen or webOS won’t be receiving the same damage from Windows virus as a Windows operating system would.

You can see it like this windows specific virus is likely to infect Windows, but only affect Tizen.

Since it can be a threat for Smart TVs to receive break-ins from viruses, there have been created various ways to battle the viruses and not be affected by them.

Problem With Convience

While the viruses for operating systems such as Tizen and webOS are mostly safe from viruses, excluding the viruses that are specified for them, which are rare, there is a big problem with Smart TVs operating systems, such as Android or tvOS(for Apple).

While they can be very useful, for example they might give a lot of freedom in terms of being able to connect to other similar products who hold the same operating system, it may that different OS might not be compatible with each other.

Let’s run through a possible virus infection that can happen because of connected network of devices with the same OS.

Example Of A Really Bad Day

So for example in your network you have a Smart TV, computer and a phone all of them has the same OS, in this case let’s say it’s Android. And you are surfing the internet on your phone while watching Netflix on your TV. You might download some program that is disguised as a virus on your phone and let’s say that it stops working and you still continue watching Netflix on your TV.

And then suddenly Netflix exits or just a warning sign pops up about a detected malware. That’s where can happen many things, from a simple scammer, to full on theft of all your data on both of the infected devices.

Since you’re not able to use either of the devices you take your computer to search for help, but since the computer is also on the

Network Hackednetwork it might have a risk of getting infected by the same virus.

So now that the virus has fully entered the network there’s not much you can do, it would be a good idea to at least turn of your router and devices so the virus doesn’t get the chance to spread even more or delete some of your data or steal it. After that all you could do is to call in for a specialist to fix all of that, which costs money.

While this is not something that happen regularly, its certainly possible and should take careful to protecting your devices with antivirus and just be careful to what you download and what sites you enter.

Unless you have some strong opinion about a specific OS and you don’t want to betray of being its fan, it’s better to not have all of your devices the same OS, it just serves as an extra layer of protection, because in this case you won’t have all of your devices corrupted, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some steps towards installing some kind of security to your devices.


Securing Your TV

Keeping your Smart TV from viruses is quite important especially if you are connected on a network of many devices. But it can take some time until you find the right antivirus, here I’ll list you off some of the most popular ones, they can be used for more than just your TV:

  • ESET
  • AVG
  • Aviria
  • Avast

Can A Smart TV Be Hacked

Everyone should always do their best to protect all of their devices, sometimes it may mean that you need to have different OS devices, it does increase the safety a bit, but it is not necessary to be done, most of the times your antivirus will do all the work that you need it to, but that doesn’t mean you should be reckless about what you do online and what you download, no matter how powerful the protection it can be bypassed with the right tools.

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  1. Rihards,
    I have several smart TV’s. All of them operate on WebOS. I did not know that they could have a virus. This is good to know what to look for and how to keep from getting them.
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  2. Oh My God, is this true???? What i know is that our computers and laptops with internet can get virus and can be hacked but out smart televisions too. What a useful information, I am sure most of the people are not aware of that, so, this article should be shared with as much people as possible.

    1. Yes that has indeed become a problem in the recent years, the big companies like Samsung that produce these Smart TV have been making specific efforts so their products don’t receive any kind of problems in terms of viruses.
      So this is definitely a problem that people are concerned about.
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