What Is A Smart TV Capable Of, Do You Need It?

As technology evolves, so does the needs and expectations of people. TVs have been keeping up quite well with what the people want and rising the bar higher and higher, to the point where it seems it can’t get any higher, because if the picture quality is so high that the human eye is can’t even perceive it when it goes higher and it becomes meaningless.Smart TV

While there are more than just one way of increasing the TV viewing quality than just increasing the amount of pixels on the screen, that is not enough for modern society. With the growing popularity of computers and smartphones and smart watches, the TV industry can’t keep making just blank screens with nothing but the ability to show what’s om the morning news or watch the occasional movie, hoping that you don’t forget about the movie when the ads appear and you don’t miss anything.

The only logical thing for television industry to do, is to give TVs a bit more use to them and apply more to what the modern society needs – Smart TVs. The technology of this has already almost become the norm of what a TV should have and with how much customization is available on them is quite astonishing.

Now that we kind of know why we have this technology available, there begs a question to what is a Smart TV capable of?

The First Big Difference

To even start to explain what Smart TVs are about and why do most of the functions work the way they do, we have to look to what is the defining feature that separates Smart TVs from regular TVs. The ability to use the internet is a very undervalued ability that most people have, but Smart TVs use it very smart and in ways that would only make the TV industry blow up.

Internet opens up so many possibilities, while normal TVs obviously concentrate on just regular channels via cable or satellite TV. But while Smart TVs are capable of doing all that, the focus is what you can do through internet and how you can create the best experience by combining that with a large screen.

Better And More Efficient Viewing

What would be the point of Smart TVs and their ability to use the internet if there would be no major online movie streaming sites. This is where they get their biggest attraction – giving the option to use and watch such things as Netflix or Hulu. These they have been very popularized and it would be quite difficult to not have heard about them at least once.

It really is as simple as it sounds, but it gives so much color to the use of your TV. You are able to choose whatever you want to watch and when, it doesn’t even need to be a movie or a TV show, it can just be a YouTube video of your favorite content creator. In this regard Smart TVs definitely win against normal TVs and they can’t even be compared.

The Gaming Experience

While not known for them Smart TVs also offer the ability to play games on them, no not just connecting a gaming console to it. With nothing but just the TV and an internet connection you can play some already preset games on the system, but you can also download games.

Now most TVs won’t have this, but such as Sony could have a PlayStation 3 built and you would be able to play games on the same level as the original console. For this there is absolutely no need for any type of external setup, besides an internet connection.

Gaming TV

As these TVs also posses the ability to connect other external devices to it and use their screen and data directly, you are able to for example play games from your smartphone live It is quite a useful feature and it can be used in so many more varieties than just playing a simple game.

Your TV Can Also Be Smart

After you have read all of this you may be itching for Smart TV now, but you don’t need to sacrifice your current TV for that. There are many ways you can make your regular old TV into a Smart one, from as simple as just connecting a console to it and using it to buying a special device that is connected to the TV in some way and giving the ability to use your TV like a Smart one, depending on the device you could have more or less features added than a basic Smart TV,

What Is A Smart TV Capable Of

Smart TVs are a truly great and useful in day to day life inside your own home, there is so much to these TVs and here I have barely only scratched the surface. I personally suggest you to buy your own Smart TV or to use some external device and upgrade your current TV to gain so many great features and make your viewing experience so much better.

If you enjoyed or have anything useful to add to the post, please leave a comment, I would like for you to have the most accurate information possible.

10 Comments on “What Is A Smart TV Capable Of, Do You Need It?”

  1. Great article! I enjoyed reading through it and I agree with you. The smart TV is a good friend to have when watching Netflix or playing games.
    Keep writing and take care!

  2. Great article and on point on so many levels!

    I have always resisted buying a smart tv because, according to my daughter, I’m old fashion lol (although I did buy an apple TV so I understand your final point regarding the ability to integrate technology into a normal television.

    I also liked the fact that you state (and rightfully) that televisions had to come out with just more than the ability to watch movies and shows; it really illustrates the trend toward full integration of technology into our home and personal lives.

    -Mike Duhamel

    1. Thank you for your comment and yes it can be both slightly weird and uncomfortable to make the next big step in acquiring something as a Smart TV when most of your life you have been used to something much more simpler.

  3. Hi, a smart TV is definitely the next technology I will buy.

    I love the idea to be able to use the internet on my TV. To choose exactly what I spend my time with and don’t get stuffed with commercials all the time.

    One thing I am concerned about though. Is there a risk of catching a virus on my smart TV or other dangerous spies and stuff?

    1. Hey,
      thank you for the comment.
      And yes that is indeed a risk, in terms of surfing the web you should treat the Smart TV like a computer, it is what the technology is mostly based of.
      It is a possibility to instal an antivirus, but it may not be the best thing to do, I’ll be researching this topic and will give a more informative answer via a post.

  4. Very good article will interesting information. I agree that smart TV came up with great technology of accessinh internet. If you are not interested in watching TV shows then you can swtich to watch movies or you own favourite programe. Its a great post thanks for the sharing.

    1. Indeed, the Smart TVs offer a great deal of options to the user, not just to choose what to whatch or how to watch it.
      It is quite useful.

  5. Another great article!
    Definitely encourages me to buy a smart TV, they seem really useful and entertaining.
    Thank you for the awesome explanation!! 😀

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