What Is An Android Operating System – The Importance Of It For TVs

What is an Android operating system?

What is this question doing here, this is supposed to be all about TVs, so why is an operating system that concentrates on the use and function of phones here?

Well, that’s because of how flexible this operating system is and to how big of a company Google is.

Smart TVs have become the new norm of TVs and practically every TV is a Smart TV.

But as with any product, there are many variations of the same style of TV, different operating systems or different versions of operating systems used, which makes the TVs so much more unique.

Operating Systems

With the rise of importance and demand of the Smart TVs, it comes to no surprise, that a giant company like Google who is all about technological growth would try to get some ground on the television industry.

Android originally wasn’t part of Google and had kind of a rough beginning and most likely, that without Google’s interest into what this operating system could bring, it wouldn’t have prospered like it did.

At first Android was being made for cameras, but that was unsuccessful, since no one was interested in that and no one provided any funding, so later the decision, to make software for phones, was made.


With Android being an open-source software, it’s code is accessible to completely everyone and can be modified by anyone, this is part of the reason why Android operating system is so wide spread.

Because, it’s not just one company which uses it to support the products they make.

The main focus for Android is of course smartphones, but since with time all technology started to rise to a certain level, where an entire home could be either completely controlled manually or by some AI using just connected Smart devices.

As Android operating system met quite a rise, it eventually started branching out in different directions and were satisfying different types of customers.

There is a redesigned operating systems for cars, wrist watches and televisions, which we will be looking into deeper.

TV Boxes

If completely ignoring the hardware side of TV boxes then you can easily fit them in two simple categories just using the operating system.

That of course is not done by separating the different Android versions, but instead the different types of it.

As there have been TV boxes directly targeted in a similar way that Smart TVs have, with the intent to have a Netflix looking GUI(Graphical User Interface), so that anyone would be able to easily use this TV.

There have been a divide in Android types, the one specifically directed towards TVs, Android TV OS and the one with more of the original look- “pure” Android.

The most noticeable difference is how different they look.

Android operating system on it’s own is meant to give the user a feeling of freedom and ability to do whatever they want.

But Smart TVs are usually made with the intent to be as simple as possible and not to confuse the user, so in a way it’s the complete opposite of what Android was meant originally.

So with that, there have been made the difference, the same operating system directed towards simplicity and freedom.

Different Directions

As there is a high demand for Smart TVs and their usual simplicity and how most people can use them without previous experience.

Android TV OS was developed, but since there was also a high demand for “pure” Android experience, it stayed on the market for TVs as well.

Android TV OS

With the least manufacturers because of it being a redesign of the original Android that this would be based on.

The biggest difference as said before is the look of it(GUI), while it’s not the only difference, it’s what would make you mistake this with any other Smart TV, since they all follow a similar simplicity path.

This kind of version of Android is by no means bad, it’s simply directed to different type of people, that is why it seems that it has a more basic structure.

While for Android TV OS you still will have a Play Store, it won’t be the same one that a smartphone user would have, this is done for the optimization of the TV and to also not confuse the user.

By not the same version I mean that it’s not the full Play Store, that there are select apps that you are not able of downloading from the Play Store.

You can still get the programs or items you would want even if this version of Android doesn’t have it, though it is not a completely simple task to do and you won’t have the apps on the home page.

“Pure” Android

When with Android TV OS you don’t need much of an experience how to use it, to have a pleasant experience with this Android type, you will need the basic understanding of how it works on smartphones or tablets.

But it by no means is difficult, to use or navigate, it simply has a different look from the usual Smart TV look.

It is considered “pure” Android, because of it not being a redesign specifically for the use of TVs and does still have the original look of it.

Since it is the “pure” Android, which has been changed only so much that it wouldn’t affect the performance of the TV and would respond to remotes or controllers, or a mouse and a keyboard.

This Android does have the full Play Store, the one you would meet when using your smartphone, so you can download all the apps as long as the version of the Android allows it(5.0- Lolipop, [ajax_load_more]6.0- Marshmallow, 7.0- Nougat).

Compared to Android TV OS, you can easily customize everything and you have a wide variety of choices how you want everything to be.

The apps that you want to easily accessible to you, you can put on the main home screen, and the ones that you plan on using rarely you can stuff away somewhere so they don’t get in the way.

Android Television

As the technology evolves and the way we perceive the technology, we want to use it in so many different ways that we couldn’t imagine before.

With the way Android is spreading over multiple companies as the main operating system for their products, television might be one of the first steps.

It will be interesting to see how Android TV OS battles the “pure” Android within the television industry.

But it all will depend on what people will favor more, if people become more interested for the more simplistic look for their TVs, the “pure” Android will be completely thrown away and won’t be available for TVs.

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