What Is The Best OLED TV, Which One To Buy?

Between QLED and LED, OLED technology is by far the most advanced one and gives the best experience to the user. While it’s not necessarily the cheapest one or the well-rounded one of the three, it definitely gives the viewer the best possible visual pleasure.

You should definitely only look at OLED TVs when searching for a TV, if you want the highest quality, but there are so many even within that category and just the shier amount of manufacturers don’t really make it easy to find the right one.

Different Models

I’m sure that many when searching for a TV have been checking the names of the TVs and noticed this is in the mix of it all OLED55E7P. TV ModelNow you may be wondering what that means, well let’s look into it a bit deeper into how LG puts their TVs into specific .

So first things first, OLED(Oraganic light-emitting diode) obviously shows what display technology is being used and if someone is not familiar with it, all you need to know right now is that it is the most advanced technology on the market and it offers something that is called “infinite contrast” which means that it delivers the deepest blacks and the lightest whites.

So the next thing is for specific TVs and if you’re just looking at a model of a TV this won’t be visible. The next number 55, shows the size of the TV, usually in inches, and you can only see it when looking at a specific TV, it can be that the size of the TV is 65″ and only the two numbers will change while everything is the same, it will still be classified as the same model.

And then is E7P, which stands for the model of the TVs, it explains to what is in the TV and what is the overall design of the TV. So if you are looking for a TV with some specific outer design you should look at the letters and numbers after the size of the TV.

But again this won’t work for all the TVs since there are so many manufacturers and they use different ways to identify their products.

Is Sony Better

Between most OLED TVs there’s actually not that much difference, besides the occasional design changes for some buyers, with specificDifference In TV Models tastes. This kind of changes in design is most noticeable within the products from LG.

But the difference between quality of these TVs is most noticeable only when you look at the bigger picture and not just a specific brand.

For example if you compare an LG TV OLED65B7A and a Sony TV XBR65A1E, you can notice some noticeable differences in the way they are trying to satisfy the customer.

The Sony TV gives so much more options to the user of the TV to how they want to connect it and use it with other devices and they offer a greater set of hardware, for example it has a built in 3 USB ports(one is 3.0, the others are 2.0), there’s also a built in Bluetooth and a headphone jack.

And the built Bluetooth also offers the option of screen mirroring, that means to for example using your phone and connecting it to the TV through Bluetooth and being able to see the screen of the phone on the TV. Also, Adding to all of that there’s and added voice control app, that allows the user to use nothing but the voice to navigate the TV.

What Evens It Out

While Sony appears to dominate this specific LG TV, even with the same size and panel technology, their hardware and software capabilities seem so different, yet that doesn’t give Sony the victory.

The price is the biggest noticeable change, XBR65A1E costs $3,499,99, while OLED65B7A costs only $2,499,99, but that’s not all, of course with additional tech, the TV will have additional weight and thickness.

But of course not many will really care if the TV is slightly heavier or thicker than the other, most will look at the price and think if it’s worth spending their money for that extra tech on the TV.

The extra features might actually be completely useless if the user is striving towards a simpler experience and doesn’t plan on interacting with the TV more than just watching Netflix or browsing the internet a bit.

While there will be a slight difference in the visual quality since the Sony TV supports more in terms of the HDR technology, but usually the most noticeable difference besides the design is the sound quality.

Great About Both

So far we have been looking at differences of the TVs, but haven’t quite looked at what makes these TVs truly great and puts both of them in the premium level of TVs

Of course, we just have to talk about the display technology that just puts these TVs on a giant pedestal – OLED. We have previously disused how LED TVs are just an upgrade of the LCD TVs and looked into how they function, but OLED TVs are completely different from both of those.



It’s true that OLED might have a similar name as LED, it certainly does not mean that it uses the same kind of way to deliver the picture on the TV as LED TVs. While LED TVs need a backlight(the LED lights), to go through the LCD screen to see a clear picture.

But OLED TVs don’t have such a backlight and each pixel emits light independently, which also means that each pixel can be completely turned off when there is a really dark scene, delivering the deepest blacks and also doing the opposite when in a really light scene.

And with the 4K resolution, this kind of individual self lighting pixels just brings so much life to the picture.

Although that’s not all and OLED TVs also offer a much wider color palette to make the picture on the TV seem so life like and absolutely beautiful.

What Is The Best OLED TV

Since there are so many types of OLED TVs and there can be so many variations of hardware with and in the TV that you can’t really set a certain TV that goes for all users, if the specific TV was as cheap as a TV with no special add-ons, but have tons of them, then you could say it would be the perfect one, even if everyone wouldn’t use all of those features.

But you can set yourself in a certain group of TV buyers, are you in the group that would rather go for a cheaper and more simplistic experience(even if the TVs are quite advanced and are considered premium) or would you go for a richer experience with many and many features, but for quite a bit higher price.

I’m sure that going through and reading you have understood that I have given you the choice to put yourself in one of those groups, which one are you? What is the best OLED TV for you?

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  1. Wow, these tv’s are like movie theaters! I have never even had a television above 40″ so I wouldn’t know where to begin. I am sure they are nice and you really laid out the info well in this detailed review. I could only dream of having a screen like these but one can dream right? Well written and informative!

  2. Glad I read your post. Very informative and I learned a lot about TV’s in the post and will revisit the site when I’m in the market for another TV. Thanks, Curtis

  3. I’m actually looking for a new TV so this post couldn’t have come anymore timely. I’m glad that there isn’t much difference from Sony since I absolutely hate comparing these types of things, as everyone has their own tastes and preferences. I’m a simple man and just want something that goes good, doesn’t break easily and lasts a long time. Thanks to your article I have now made my decision.

    1. Well I’m happy I could help you, if you want to find out more about what kind of TVs you should look at, please read other of my articles.
      I’m sure they will be helpful.

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