What Is The Best Smart TV – The Screen Is Not Everything

Choosing the right for you can be quite difficult, especially since now you don’t need to worry about just the hardware of the TV.

A big role is played by the software of the TV, the side of it that makes it a Smart TV.

Smart TVs make the user’s experience so much more interactive and when making the software of the TV, the manufacturers make sure to make it with a certain use to it.

The TV can be simple, meant for the use of everyone, so that no matter, the age and the experience they could use it, this greatly increases the amount of people that will buy them.

But there is also different software for the TV, which are meant for the user to have freedom and not just be limited with what they were given from the start.

What Is A Smart TV?

Before to really start looking into what will be the best Smart TV, we need to make sure we properly know what is a Smart TV.

Well, a Smart TV is a TV which has either installed a something of a computer within the TV or some kind of an external device that is meant for the TV.

But that is only for the physical side of it, there also needs to be an operating running the whole TV in an optimized fashion for the TV.

This operating system can be either extremely simplistic and limited or free of options for the user and with the ability to customize as much as the user wants.

Your TV doesn’t need to be “smart”, any TV can be made into a Smart TV, for example using an Android TV box, of course depending on what kind of resolution the screen has, the user experience may differ.

The Basis For A Smart TV

To know what is the best Smart TV, we need to understand to what makes a Smart TV, a Smart TV and just see how far we can go with that.

The basis of any TV is the screen, but in terms of actual functionality there isn’t much of a difference, this is of course excluding user enjoyment.

So let’s say that we are going to be looking for a Smart TV with a 4K resolution, since it has been becoming the norm for TVs, it’s not that much of stretch.

What now is important is to how powerful your Smart TV will be, this is what usually takes the win for when you are looking for a Smart TV or a TV box.

Necessary Hardware

What any Smart TV or TV box needs is some base, so it able to process and complete the tasks that you would want to do.

So of course what you absolutely have to have is a processor(CPU), so the tasks can be, well, processed and executed.

To make sure all of your apps are able to work properly and that your TV doesn’t get any limitations, RAM(Random Access Memory), this is an absolute need.

And if you are planning to do some gaming or just using any kind of a program that will need some sort of 3D rendering, you will definitelyVery Old TV need a GPU(Graphics Proccesing Unit).

Also, for the use of the internet the TV box needs an Ethernet port, while some might have a Wi-Fi connectivity, it is always better to use an Ethernet cable to ensure your internet connection.

It is far more stable and you will get a lot less problems in terms with the connection, when streaming movies in very high qualities, it is important to have a fast internet.

If you have a TV box, you most definitely will need a HDMI(High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port so you could connect it to the TV.

This is more or less an outline of what a TV box or a Smart TV should include and you will see many TVs and TV boxes with a lot more physical features, which add to the overall functionality and gives more options.

A Lot Of Importance To The Software

Usually when people are looking for some kind of a computer, a phone or in this case a Smart TV/TV box they would look at the specs, the higher the numbers, the better the product.

But that really isn’t true many TV boxes are made new companies or it’s a new product from them and they are not experienced in it at all.

So even if they do put in the best physical components, they do not optimize the OS(Operating System) and the programs properly and makes all of the physical components, insignificant.

And when the OS is not optimized properly for the precise product that it’s being used in, you will encounter many crashes, glitches and just overall a bad experience.

This is quite a significant problem for TV boxes, since companies sell them like this not only because of inexperience, but also because it can be quite cheap.

TV boxes use Android OS, but for TVs there are two types of it that have divided, Android TV OS and the “pure” Android.

Android TV OS is specifically optimized for the TV and has a changed GUI(Graphical User Interface), so you can expect that there won’t that many problems here since there will usually be a lot more care put into developing it.

But then there is “pure” Android, which has a very similar look to the Android that is on your phone or tablet, so while this doesn’t make it worse on it’s own, it actually gives the user a lot more choices.

The problem comes when “pure” Android isn’t properly adjusted for the TV experience, that causes a lot of problems and is pretty much a waste of money.

One of the problem is for the OS to not have the ability to fully use the hardware that should be accessible normally, it causes many system errors and eventually crashes.

How Far Can You Go?

Now that we know the very basic principles of what makes a Smart TV the way it is, let’s bring it to its limits and see how powerful we can make it.

For that it would be a good idea to use NVIDIA SHIELD for comparison, since it is arguably the most powerful Android TV box, which will make the explaining much simpler.

Since this TV box is optimized and all of its hardware has a significant difference from the average Smart TV or TV box.

Hardware To The Max

As this is a technically a gaming TV box, it will need quite a powerful processor and most definitely will need quite the GPU.CPU

NVIDIA SHIELD has a processor (NVIDIA Tegra X1 – 1.0 GHz) with a 256-core GPU and 3 GB RAM, that is quite the is a lot of power right from the start, but that doesn’t show the full ability of this TV box.

It also has 4K HDR ready and Dolby Atmos support, so you can expect a great experience both on the screen and the sound.

As far as storage goes it has 16 GB, which is quite a bit and you mostly won’t need more than that, if you had access to all of them, sadly a chunk of that storage is already covered by the factory programs and the OS.

A remote is always a need for a TV, but it can also be controlled using a gaming controller or just a keyboard and a mouse.

Software Needs Quality

As in comparison most TV boxes would use the newest Android version possible, for example Android 7.0(Nougat) is used for NVIDIA SHIELD.

And it is made sure to work perfectly aligned with the TV, but some companies who have started working in such an area, might not be so successful at it and the TV box is not usable because of the amount of errors and problems with the code.

The main apps that you should look for is Netflix, YouTube and also see if there is Google Play Store, because if there is, doesn’t matter which Android it is, you will be able to download most programs you would need.

What Is The Best Smart TV

While choosing a Smart TV or for that matter a TV box, it really is a choice of personal needs, most OS for the TVs are very simplistic looking and easy to use.

Which is good for everyone, everyone can use it, but some could want to either have the ability to do more on the Smart TV, so they would look for something more powerful.

Others would want a more personalized Smart TV for them so it would be a bit more than just a tool, and even if you would look in the direction of Android, there would still be so many that you can choose from.

As a Smart TV isn’t all about the screen and the design of the TV, though that of course adds to the overall experience, it’s not something that makes or breaks it.

You must make sure you pay a lot more attention to what’s inside and what runs the TV, that is what will let you choose the best Smart TV for you.

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    1. Well, I’m glad I could help you, hoping that you will be able to choose the right TV for yourself next time.
      Don’t be shy and come in to read other posts, I’m sure they will come useful for you.

  1. I had NO IDEA a Smart TV had RAM. I’m going to check this out as I’ve never noticed this before.

    One comment I have is on the HDMI ports. We have a TV downstairs that’s only has 3 HDMI loser and it’s nowhere near enough. Add in a cable box, Xbox and Apple TV and we don’t have enough. When I go shopping now for new TV’s I make sure they have at LEAST 4 HDMI ports.

    1. I definitely agree with you there, there can be quite the need in the use of HDMI ports.
      While keeping an eye for the number of HDMI ports is important, make sure it’s at least HDMI 2.0.
      Because if we are going into the realm of Smart TVs, we can expect that those TVs will have 4K resolution and most likely, will also have HDR.
      So there is a need to have a higher technology HDMI ports to transfer the data that for example a TV box would have.
      So I suggest you look for at least for 4 HDMI 2.0 ports.

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